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For Popular Capitalism.....“To overcome evil requires the bravest of men.” These were the concluding words written by Margaret Thatcher in her personal hand written accountof the Falklands War, just released by the Thatcher Foundation. The 17,000 word document is a powerful recollection of the Iron Lady’s actions as prime minister following Argentina’s invasion of the British overseas territory in the South Atlantic on April 2, 1982. Even though the Falklands lie over 8,000 miles from Britain, Thatcher was determined to liberate the Islands and its then 1,800 inhabitants, dispatching a naval task force within the space of just 48 hours, which at its height included more than a hundred ships, two aircraft carriers, three submarines and 27,000 British military personnel. In just 11 weeks the Falklands had been retaken. As Mrs. Thatcher subsequently declared in a speech in Cheltenham after the defeat of the Argentine junta: “We have ceased to be a nation in retreat… Britain found herself again in the South Atlantic and will not look back from the victory she has won.”