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Investors Europe (Mauritius) Limited is pleased to announce the availability of structured products and listed for trading on both the Stuttgart and Frankfurt stock exchanges. This product offering currently includes warrants and knock-out warrants on German blue chip underlyings, selected U.S. underlyings, and on the German performance index DAX®.

Main features of these specific products are as follows: 

  • Cost efficiency: warrants feature significantly lower implied volatility than many competitors. Lower implied volatility means better value and a more accurate relationship to the performance of the underlying.

  • Guaranteed execution: All these specific products have firm, real-time tradable quotes. In other words, a client is guaranteed a fill at the prices shown on the screen - what you see is what you get. By contrast, it is common practice in Germany to post indicative quotes, which may -or may not- be honoured.

Contact : Trader1@investorseurope.net
Source : Investorseurope.net
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