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The #Malta Foundations - Versatily In One Entity - Wealth Management - Malta

The #Malta Foundations - Versatily In One Entity - Wealth Management - Malta | Investors Europe, Gibraltar |
The beneficiary can be a natural or
legal person, a trust or another foundation. Malta Wealth Management Mandaris 30 Oct 2018
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'The Maltese foundation is constituted either in writing by virtue of a public deed inter vivos or by will. The deed of foundation (the "statute"), is entered into between the founder, which can be an individual, a company or a trust, and the administrators. The statute has to be registered with the Registrar of Legal Persons for the foundation to acquire its status as legal personality. For private foundations, the statute must not contain the beneficiary statement, but a note of reference referring only to the founder. Furthermore, the statute is not available to third parties.'

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